The Thirteen Knights of the Well Maidens of the Summerlands

There are thirteen 'Knights' (although some are kings and one is a wizard) in our Well Maidens of the Summerlands system; each is a protector of one of The Ladies.  The symbolism in each Knight's image corresponds to both the Glastonbury Zodiac and/or ancient Star Lore Mysteries... each picture 'paints a thousand words' and explanations will be given in books but equally you are meant to 'delve into' each image and make your own connection with each Lady's guardian.

As an Oracle Deck, these Knights are for the back of each Lady's card.

MERLIN ~ Guardian of Arianrhod and the ancient wisdom - Pole Stars in the centre of the wheel.

TRISTAN ~ Guardian of Iseult, his lover - for Sagittarius.

GAWAIN ~ Guardian of Ragnall, his faery bride - for Capricorn.

BORS ~ Guardian of Dindraine, he was her Grail questing companion - for Aquarius.

GALAHAD ~ Guardian of Elaine, his mother - for Pisces.

PERCIVAL ~ Guardian of Kundry, his faerie muse - for Aries.

ARTHUR ~ Guardian of Guinevere, his queen - for Taurus.

LOT ~ Guardian of Anna, his queen - for Gemini.

EREC ~ Guardian of Enid, his queen - for Cancer.

UTHER ~ Guardian of Igraine, his queen - for Leo.

LANCELOT ~ Guardian of Argante, his foster mother - for Virgo.

PELLEAS ~ Guardian of Nimue, his mystical bride - for Libra.

MORDRED ~ Guardian of Morgaine, his mother - for Scorpio.